Duong's Restaurant is proud to be one of the restaurants serving a combination of Western and Asian cuisine.

The restaurant is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Du street.

Most people who come here leave good reviews for the restaurant.

It is very tourist friendly with very attentive staff.

It blends the best of Western and that of Asian.

The menu is varied and caters for all with some western dishes available. The traditional set menu for 380,000 VND was a feast for the senses. Would definitely go again.

Street address 27 DONG DU ST, DISTRICT 1
phone number 090 160 27 27
business hours 10:00~22:00
Regular holiday No
Budget 250,000 VND ~ 400,000 VND
Credit card Card Anything OK

Recommended menu

  • (日本語) 1.Rolls in three way(春巻き3種盛り) 125,000 VND(625円)

  • (日本語) 2.Green mango with seafood salad(グリーンマンゴーとシーフードのサラダ) 140,000 VND(700円)

  • (日本語) 3.Black Sticky Rice in Coconut Cream(黒もち米のデザート) 115,000 VND(575円)



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